Angela runs the Reading Half Marathon

Angela Gipson

Such a supportive organisation have been invaluable to my daughter and family. The support they have given Hannah & Seán has been immense and we as a family have ben so grateful.

Dan’s 58 mile Montane Challenge!

Daniel Shippen

I am fundraising for Swings & Smiles as they provide children with disabilities and their families a variety of essential services. They are continuously growing therefore any amount of funding is essential to allow this to continue!

The Waddling Duck 91 day challenge

Janine Lewis

Raising the smiles by waddling the miles dressed as a 6ft duck to support the families with their amazing disabled children.
Ducks are agile in water, gliding with grace. But when they are on dry land, they are not as able or capable.
For children to flourish with confidence they should also have the choice to adapt or thrive. That is what the facilities of Swings and Smiles provide for disabled children. It is their "pond".
The Duck will waddle 10km a day, 1st September-30th Novemb

Blue Moon Walk 2023

James Vallance

Michael's Thames Path Challenge

Anonymised User

Michael is taking part in the Thames Path Ultra Challenge for Swings & Smiles

Harry's 1km Sensory Run - Parallel One Great Windsor Park

Paula Borcherds

Swings and Smiles has provided a place for Harry to play and make friends over the last 18 months, enabling Harry some independence. They have also been providing weekly sensory sessions at Harry's school, which he has loved and has enabled the school to learn more about his needs. It's important to Jason and I that we are evolved with the family activities at Swings & Smiles and we want to raise money for the center to ensure they continue with the amazing work they all do.

Sophie's 5K Challenge

Victoria Sandars

Swings & Smiles offers vital support, friendship and play for children with disabilities and their whole family helping them to be happy, have fun and feel included. They run a 7 day a week timetable of sessions including respite, family play, youth clubs and sibling support as well as a comprehensive outreach service. They currently have more than 1,200 families registered with them and this is growing every week. Last year they provided a record 12,673 hours of support.

Parallel 2023

Anonymised User

This year Swings & Smiles are taking part in Parallel. We have some wonderful families and members of the team getting involved with the challenge. The money that is raised on the day will go towards running movement and exercise based sessions at the centre. Thank you for your support!

Parallel Games

Kerry Davey

Swings and Smiles help us as a family so much and are vital for families in the area who have children with SEN needs.

London Marathon 23rd April 2023

Mark Stockwell

Swings & Smiles do an amazing job supporting disabled children and their families and I am proud to be supporting them while running the 2023 London Marathon.

In memory of Ted Rivers 1930-2022

Karen Nash

In memory of Ted Rivers, loving husband, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad. With immediate funeral flowers only donations to Swings and Smiles are a far more befitting tribute

Nina's running the Reading Half Marathon 2023

Nina Lawson

Swings and Smiles have supported us as a family for many years. Jon-Paul has been supported through their respite sessions and Corey and Dylan through their sibling work.

In 2023 I will turn 40 and so wanted to set myself a challenge as this big birthday approaches.