We have been using Swings & Smiles as a family since Lexie was a toddler. She attends respite sessions, after school club, family play and trips out in the community. Their dedicated staff ensure that Lexie is able to access everything that a 13 year old should be able to do. She has been to football matches, theme parks and many other places that simply wouldn’t be accessible for us without their support. All 3 of our boys have attended SIBS sessions where they have had bbqs, water fights, treasure hunts and just enjoyed being boys without having to worry for a while about being carers which they have all assumed the role of with absolutely no pressure from us whatsoever. They are just so keen to take care of Lexie. Swings and Smiles provides vital respite for our family whilst giving Lexie so many opportunities to learn and have fun. She absolutely thrives there. Having a medically complex child with drug resistant epilepsy means that anyone caring for Lexie must be highly trained to support her during a seizure and medicate her when necessary. Swings & Smiles staff are incredibly highly trained which means that we can completely relax whilst she’s in their care. We are so incredibly grateful for their support and we’d love to be able to give something back to them. Suzi Clacy