Hello, I am Janine Lewis.
I identify as a duck as most of the time I am just waddling around aimlessly, I also look serene above the proverbial waterline, but I am paddling like fury below it.

There are many more analogies but these two help me focus on what I enjoy, which is combining fundraising, raising awareness and keeping my mental health and physical health, positive and strong.

Previously, I have supported other children's charities and am now back with the renewed energy to bring back the duck and have fun with it.

Swings and Smiles is a fabulous place for families, siblings and disabled children to have fun, flourish and laugh, knowing they are in a safe environment.

There is support for the families and young people in many guises, including the equipment, staff, facilities, respite care and so much more. But it is at a cost, as it is all funded.

The trust and charity go the extra mile to make sure that every penny raised is invested into the Swings and Smiles, and that it continues to remain a safe environment with modern facilities.

I am fortunate to have a happy healthy body without disabilities so it is my gift to share this with those who are not so fortunate. You can help by donating to my daily duckathon of 10km per day, dressed as a 6ft duck.

You can follow my progress on the website and social media.

Twitter and Instagram: @JanineLewis2023

Help me raise £5000 (or more!) in 91 days with an accumulated waddle total of 910km.
Imagine how many more smiles that could make!

Janine Lewis