Our Outreach service in schools is very popular and we are able to offer this to any child with Special Educational Needs or a disability.

All referrals will be assessed on an individual basis and we will be able to advise you what level of support we think is appropriate based on this information. Our capacity may mean we have to limit the amount of support we are able to offer to one setting.

Large group/Class sensory sessions

These can be themed in line with current learning or we will bring out a selection of our sensory resources for children to explore as a group. Sessions can include messy play, sensory story time and Attention Autism sessions.

Suitable for: Special schools and specialist units

Smaller group/Individual sensory sessions

A fun and engaging session that has a different theme each week and gives children the opportunity to find new ways to play. They will have time to explore different textures, smells and sounds to meet their sensory needs.

Suitable for: Special schools, specialist units and mainstream schools

Small group/Individual relaxation sessions

A fun and relaxed session where we practice techniques that can help the child or young person feel calm and learn ways that they may be able to feel more positive outside of the session.

Suitable for: Special schools, specialist units and mainstream schools (especially secondary schools)

Contact [email protected] for more information or for a referral form.

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