I am Swings & Smiles' Corporate Fundraising Lead and this summer I am running the 10k at Newbury Racecourse to lead by example and raise money for the incredible cause I work for.

Running a 10k might be a small target for avid runners, but I have never run this far before and this feels like a real challenge to push myself.

The money raised will go toward the Escalator Project. If we raise 10k over 4 weeks, the Greenham Trust will kindly donate a further 30k to Swings & Smiles. This is even more incentive to run and raise money. If I hit my target of £500 that could mean £2000 raised for Swings & Smiles.

I've worked at Swings & Smiles for 6 months at the time of writing this and wow, what an amazing charity. Making such a big difference with such small resources. When you donate to this charity you know your donations will be well used. Richard Falkus-Holder