Contact (for disabled children) – A charity to support the families who have disabled children. They provide information and support on their website along with a telephone hotline. They also run events and workshops throughout the UK which focus on providing advice around a variety of topics.  Contact - for families with disabled children | Contact

Family Fund: Tired out – Is a sleep support hub to provide information around bed time routines, sensory issues and services in your local area. Tired Out | Family Fund

Parenting Special Children – provide support for families which special needs. They have a variety of different services such as diagnosis support, autism and ADHD services and more. They also offer events for families, services for young people and training. Home Page - PSC (

SENDIASS Oxfordshire – provides information, advice and support to parents and carers of child with SEND. They also provide services for children and promote a partnership between parents, carers, children and other services involved with the family. SENDIASS Oxfordshire | Information, advice & support in Oxfordshire (

West Berkshire SENDIASS – supports parents and children with special educational needs to make informed decisions about their education, health and social care. West Berkshire SENDIASS – Special Educational Needs & Disability Information Advice & Support Service (

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