Farm Buddies – Social farming to support wellbeing in areas such as social skills or challenging behaviour. Farm Buddies - the social farm agency in Hampshire and West Sussex

Berkshire Maestros – Music company that offers lessons along with music based therapy. Musical Education For Children and Adults | Berkshire Maestros

Functional Reflex Therapy – A form of reflexology used to support conditions such as anxiety or autism. It can reduce stress and improve mood. Functional Reflex Therapy | Reflexology Therapy for autism

Touch Therapy – Debbie Medlin provides touch therapy for individuals with SEND Debbie Medlin Therapies for Additional Needs, Mental Health & Wellbeing (2021) (

Play therapy – Play therapy mixes play and art to support children understanding why they may feel a certain way and express their emotions. Home - Play Therapy UK

Music Therapy – Music therapy uses to support all individuals through their needs. This includes SEND and mental health. British Association for Music Therapy :: Home (

Equine Therapy – The use of horses to support with calming and mental wellbeing.

Art Therapy – The use of art to express feelings and process emotions. ART THERAPY IN BERKSHIRE - What is art therapy (

Rebound Therapy – Is a therapy programme which uses trampolines to support needs, promote movement and wellbeing. Rebound Therapy - Founded 1972 in the UK

Bracknell Rebound Centre - Overview - Bracknell Trampoline Centre - Rebound Therapy - NHS (

West Berkshire Therapy Centre – Community power assisted exercise to support muscle stimulation and wellbeing. West Berkshire Therapy Centre

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