Rhonda, CEO of Swings and Smiles in December 2022, started her career as a nurse rising to become a senior sister in Cardiac Intensive Care at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester where she led a large team. Rhonda moved with her family to the Berkshire area in 2005, taking on the role of running the medical centre at a girl’s boarding school where she led the unit through an outstanding OFSTED review. Rhonda has four children; Alex, a fire engineer in London; Evie, a sound technician working in the West End; William, who is studying for his A Levels and Katie. Katie, who was born in 2009, has a number of challenges including being registered as deaf-blind, very poor balance and severe autism but is amazing in how she adapts.

This led to Rhonda taking a career break and gave her real insight as to the challenges and services available for children like Katie, locally and nationally. It led the family to discover the amazing work done at Swings and Smiles in opening up the world of play for children like Katie. During this ‘break’, Rhonda worked as a coach for staff members in the boarding school and went to University, being awarded a History degree before starting a Masters course and a teacher training course. Rhonda brings this wealth of experience to Swings and Smiles where she looks to continue building the incredible team, the welcoming environment and most importantly opening up the world of play to our Swings and Smiles community.

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