Lexie has a very rare genetic condition, she has complex needs, she is non-verbal, has developmental delay and epilepsy. 

Lexie really enjoys all types of sensory play, usually the messier the better, she is super happy and super determined. The family attend at least once a week. Lexie needs constant supervision as her seizures are sudden and uncontrolled, Suzi her mum tells why a place like Swings & Smiles has made such a big impact to their life.

"Before Swings & Smiles we were unable to access any groups; soft play, playgroups, clubs were all out of the question because Lexie’s medical and developmental needs are complex meaning that we need to be close to her at all times.  Busy places are difficult to ensure her safety and almost always don’t have the facilities that we require, like a changing room, to deal with her if she is sick or needs a nappy change, or a quiet area if she has a seizure.

As soon as we came to Swings & Smiles we could tell things were going to be different. It provides us with everything that we need to enjoy a relaxed play session as a family, sessions are quiet enough that Lexie can easily access all activities, staff are attentive and understanding and take the time to make sure that she gets something out of every session.

As well as the support offered to Lexie, Maxwell loves coming here and and his confidence has grown immensely. This is something that we have worked hard towards as he can be anxious and can struggle with confidence.

I can’t imagine life without our “Swings & Smiles family” now. We are so grateful to be able to access this service and plan to keep visiting for many, many years to come."

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