Côte Brasserie

The Managing Director of Côte Restaurants visited Swings & Smiles and was inspired and moved by the work we do. He wanted to do something to help us fundraise and decided to donate the proceeds from the sales of all Côte's 'Dessert of the Month' throughout September 2016. The delicious pavlova raised an amazing £65,000 for the charity, double what was predicted based on the previous year’s turnover!

Swings & Smiles publicised the promotion to all of our registered families and supporters. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts were sent to all our followers which promoted widespread awareness of the campaign as well as publicity for Côte Restaurants and the charity. People were encouraged to visit Côte Restaurants throughout September to support the promotion and try the dessert. This increased footfall in Côte Restaurants, especially locally, and has generated enormous goodwill for the restaurant chain among all the Swings & Smiles families and wider group of supporters which continues to this day.

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