My name is Sarah and I work at Swings & Smiles. I am a Play Leader and a SIBSupport worker, I am fairly new to the centre but my time here so far has honestly been so amazing, I love every single minute of it - I go
home every day haven been inspired by the children I work with, they are just incredible. One of my biggest passions has always been to work with children with special needs - my cousin Laurence had Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, he has and will always have a huge influence on my career and life. My aim is to raise awareness and money for such a fantastic charity that I am lucky enough to work for. Every single penny counts and goes towards children having chances to play, meeting friends or to feel understood and accepted. Swings & Smiles ensures that all children, young people and their family have access to these basic social opportunities whilst in a fun, comfortable & supportive environment.

Any donations are incredibly appreciated! I am very excited to take on my challenge!

Thank you so much! Sarah x

Sarah Stokes