This year I set myself three goals,
1) Pass my martial arts grading - Black Belt
2) Run a half marathon
3) Run 500 miles - one step up from the Proclaimers walk 500 miles

So I have signed up and will be running the Oxford Half Marathon on the 13th October and I'm hoping that all you lovely people will support me. This is the furthest I will have run since 2012.

I wanted to do these things for myself but also to raise money for a great cause and my Martial Arts Group are supporting Swings and Smiles this year so I wanted to get involved and help.

Swings and smiles provides a place to play for children with special needs and their families. It offers a unique environment where the whole family feels supported and where they can spend quality time together.

It makes a huge difference to families that we know, supporting not just the children but their siblings and parents.

Please support me if you can.

Nicky Butler