Swings and Smiles means so much to us as a family. The respite sessions Jon-Paul receives at the centre give him access to social activities that he wouldn't normally be able to access due to his disabilities. He looks forward to going and has built up a fantastic relationship with the people who support him there. If he is having a down day, they know exactly what to do to manage his self-injurious behaviour. This gives us a break as we know he is safe and happy. As well as giving him the opportunity to take his mind off of his worries.

Corey and Dylan have been attending the Sibs sessions at Swings and Smiles for many years. These sessions give them a focus and an opportunity to be among children in a similar situation. They go on trips as well as spend time at the centre.

Without the support Swings and Smiles gives us as a family I would struggle to manage. If I'm feeling down there's always someone to speak to. Giving the boys so many opportunities to take part in activities also gives me the chance to spend 1:1 time with either Jon-Paul or the twins. This helps to strengthen our family bonds as well as giving me opportunity to recharge my batteries.

I have never run a half marathon before but wanted to set myself a challenge.

Please donate to this fantastic local charity and help families like ours to function in the way so many people take for granted.

Thank you for reading my page.

Nina Lawson