If the answer is no, it’s too cold or snow is making accessibility impossible, then we have some fun and festive indoor game ideas for you. The first one of course being, 'do you want to build a snowman'?Building snowmen with toilet roll

All you need for this game is the items you would need to decorate a snowman and toilet roll. You may have guessed it, the aim of this game is simply to create the best looking snowman by wrapping someone up in toilet paper before adding all the accessories.

This game is perfect for Christmas parties or to play at home over the Christmas holidays - or on a dreaded snow day. Toilet roll is so versatile that this game also makes a great 'build a mummy' game for Halloween.

Find the candy canes!

Another fun and easy game to play over the Christmas holidays is 'find the candy canes', which you can play with one player up to however many you like.

You can hide real candy canes or print out pictures to hide around the house. Once hidden it can be a race to see who can find the most or a scavenger hunt if you're feeling a bit more creative. You could write up a list of clues to find the candy canes (bonus points for rhyming clues) or you could leave brain-teasers on the candy canes themselves for a more independent game.

These games are great fun if you'd rather stay in the warm on a rainy (or snowy) day. Let us know how you get on playing these games yourself, or if you have any of your own festive family favourites that you play at home.