We're launching a new challenge which is all about having fun and supporting Swings & Smiles at the same time!

While our centre is closed we're still continuing to work hard and support children with special needs and their families. Our virtual and remote support is free of charge but we are facing a £6500 shortfall in funding for each month we're closed. We're asking families and supporters to get involved with our Smiles and Miles challenge so we can raise some funds to continue doing this vital work and increase awareness of Swings & Smiles for those who may need our help. There are two ways you can get involved with the Smiles and Miles challenge, below is everything you need to know. 

1. Share some smiles

Share something that's made you smile on social media (on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag #smilesandmiles. Nominate 3 people to do the same. Donate £5 to our COVID-19 Response Appeal if you can.

Download our 'what's made me smile this week' template or get creative and make your own
Download our Smiles and Miles colouring sheets

2. Complete some miles

Join us in our quest to get to Disney! As a family or on your own complete as many miles as you can in May. For added Disney fun dress up as your favourite Disney character while you're completing the challenge, and share your photos on social media using the hashtag #smilesandmiles. Ask friends or family to sponsor you or donate via our COVID-19 Response Appeal

Keep track of your miles using our colouring sheet and then email [email protected] to let us know how many miles you managed to complete by 1st June 2020. We'll then be announcing how far we managed to get collectively - from our centre in Thatcham it's 357.2 miles to Disneyland Paris and 4306 miles to Disney World so let's see how far we can make it!

Download our mile tracker

If you're unable to print any of our downloadable resources at home we will have some available for you to take from outside the centre for those of you who are able to walk past. If you work in a school or another setting that would like to take part in the challenge we can also arrange to drop off resources to you. Contact [email protected] if you're interested.

Anyone is welcome to join in with these challenges so please share far and wide. We appreciate that not everyone will be able to donate, but spreading the word about our #smilesandmileschallenge on social media is also really helpful for our charity. If you don't already, you can follow Swings & Smiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube! Remember to keep sharing your photos and using the hashtag #smilesandmiles.

Find out how we're supporting families during the COVID-19 crisis and donate to our appeal