Swings & Smiles offers children with special needs and their whole family, including their parents, vital support to build and sustain important social networks and friendships in an environment where they don’t feel judged.

Through attending Swings & Smiles families are able to cope with better with stress and feel more confident. They are less isolated and able to develop friendships with other families of children with special needs and receive emotional and practical support from each other and from the staff at Swings & Smiles. 96% of parents said they felt less isolated as a result of attending Swings & Smiles in 2019.

We recognise the importance of supporting your mental health and wellbeing and offer specific groups and sessions at the centre to give parents the chance to prioritise their wellbeing. We aim to provide parents the opportunity to find support in an environment where they feel comfortable.

Currently we run a unique health and wellbeing course for mums once a month on a Tuesday evening from the centre. Here we explore practical ways that we can be kinder to ourselves and improve our self-esteem. At the sessions we've been joined by personal trainers, nutrition professionals and have even spent a couple of hours relaxing while completing activities such as crochet and pottery painting. On top of this we hold a coffee morning on the first Friday of the month from 9.30-11am. This is free to attend and we are often joined by professionals, such as Autism Berkshire, who are able to give advice on challenges that parents may be facing. 

If you'd like any more information about the support we can offer parents please email [email protected]

Small things make a difference, letting off steam over a cup of tea that someone else had made you, eating yummy biscuits and having an hour where your world doesn't seem quite as different to most of the population is vital for parental ability to cope with some of the things thrown at us. Nobody understands how tea and a biscuit in a place that understands can make a huge difference when it gets tough. 

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