At Swings & Smiles we understand just how different life is when you are living in a family where a brother or sister has a disability or special needs, our support includes online support to make sure as many people as possible can benefit.

We appreciate how siblings are often known to be caring, sympathetic to others and mature for their age. We also know that they are likely to be affected in a number of ways by their brother’s or sister’s disability or special needs. For instance, they may feel they receive less attention from parents or maybe they have a hard time at school because of their situation. We understand the emotions siblings may struggle with and want them to know that they are important too.

During the first lockdown in March 2020 we increased our online services for siblings substantially, this continued in person when we were able to meet face to face again and now as we face further restrictions we have looked at more ways to support siblings during this time. Research and feedback from families indicates that siblings found previous periods of lockdown increasingly isolating, sometimes they were required to carry out care that usually they would not and opportunities to have time away from often challenging situations at home were not available.

Our SIBSupport team are very excited to launch a new group, SIBSChat at 2pm on Monday 18th January. This is going to be a weekly zoom call for siblings to catch up with one another, talk about any challenges they might be facing at the moment and bounce ideas off one another (and the team) on how to cope. Each week we will also have a SIB related topic for the group to talk about. There will be no pressure to share, so if siblings want to join just to listen in that's fine. It is more important than ever that children feel supported at the moment and we are hoping that this will give them a platform to talk through anything that they are finding tough.

Please email the team at [email protected] for more information for for the link to join the call.