Amanda Walburn-Green, Trustee at Swings & SmilesA bit about me: Amanda was the first parent to register with Swings & Smiles when we opened our doors in 2014. Amanda is married with two children, her eldest daughter Georgia has special needs and loves attending the centre on a regular basis. Amanda worked in retail marketing for 16 years, she was Head of External Communications for House of Fraser and after that a Marketing Consultant specialising in Advertising, Marketing Planning and Procurement.

Why I became a Trustee: I wanted to become a Trustee because Swings & Smiles has been a huge part of our lives for many years and I wanted to give something back. I’m very much hoping I can be of help with my insight as a parent of disabled child, a regular user of Swings & Smiles and also my background in marketing.

Favourite childhood game: A game of poohsticks!

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